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Hello and Welcome! This page serves as a one-stop shop for everyone interested in Bloodlust or Bust’s BoB’s Last Hope Raid Team. Here you should learn everything you need to know about the team. All Trial Raiders must read through this page in it’s entirety. You are joining a Mythic Raiding team, and while we aim to be as casually friendly as possible, understanding direction and being able to read are very important aspects of Mythic Raiders that we take seriously.

We raid on a Wednesday/Thursday schedule, between 8:00pm-11:00pm CST (Realm time). 

To the left, you will find the different headers that contain all required information, while to the right you will see our Boss guides for the current tier. Remember to read all of the Team information at least once. 

This group has no intention of racing for the world’s first or top 200, but we do want to see a group of players that has the goal of reaching CE. We’re looking for a competitive but fun environment where we can really test our skills as players as well as really enjoy each other’s company. We’re not looking to over complicate things. In short, we just want a consistent group of exceptional raiders with the goal of clearing mythic.

Our main goal within the Bloodlust or Bust Community is to promote an inclusive environment where we can have fun. Pushing content is secondary to that specific goal, but is still a goal. Because of this, we rather bring the individual person to the group than random high-parsing jerks. If you are absolutely trying your best to be here and stay here, then WE WILL HELP YOU! 

Since this team’s formation, we stated outright that we were not looking to outpace the entire world in the journey to get to Cutting Edge. However we have the capability and drive to push through the content. We will maintain the following goals, in order:

  1. Have a fun and chill atmosphere while clearing (or dying to) content.
  2. Improve our Teamwork and Consistency.
  3. Clear Bosses efficiently, including Mythic Bosses.
  4. Continue to push for Cutting Edge before the end of the raid tier.

As a Raid Team, you will help us achieve our goals. In return, we have to make some promises to you so that you aren’t the only one giving. It’s only fair, right? Other then the fact that we promise to have a team of like-minded individuals all chasing our goals, we promise the following: 

  1. We will not raid past our allotted time. People have lives and need to get to them, we understand that. We may ask if people want to continue but nobody is obligated to do so. There are also other opportunities within the Bloodlust or Bust Community to raid, if you so desire. 
  2. You will not be kicked just because of poor performance. As stated earlier, if you are actively trying to be with us and stay with us, you will notice when your performance is an issue. We expect that you’ll try to improve, and we have very knowledgeable people who can help you improve. If you are trying to actively improve, you will not be kicked from the team, you may have to sit on harder and progression fights however. 
  3. You will not carry people on the team with poor performance. Carrying on with what was said above, if you are constantly a carry due to your poor performance, there will be a chat with you and a plan put in place to increase said performance. However, if this doesn’t work and the team has to carry you, you will be sat on the bench until the performance issue is fixed. 
  4. You will be provided with all the necessary information to succeed when Raiding with us. This page is just one example of the things provided to you when you begin Raiding with TacoBay. In addition to this, you will be provided with things such as Boss Guides (video and written) of strategies we will be using, as well as an extensive guide on how to read logs and improve yourself by doing so (Found later on this page).
  5. We will listen to you! If you have any issues or suggestions, we will definitely listen to whatever you have to say. Mid-raid and in Discord isn’t the place to do it though, so whisper an Officer on the team or the Raid Lead when you have something to discuss. This is a team effort, so everyone on the team is valued when it comes down to it.

There are some minimum expectations that are required of you that if not followed will earn you being talked to. If that doesn’t change anything, then you may be removed from the team. *REMINDER* we will not kick people who are providing a good faith effort at being with us, and our expectations reflect that. They are not outlandish or impossible to obtain, they are something that requires just a little effort from you to ensure the team runs smoothly.

The following are the expectations when raiding with us:

  1. Stick with your main character for progression during the tier.
    • When you pick your character at the beginning of the tier, stick to it during progression. Reclears may be open to alts.
    • If you are miserable on your current character, speak to a Raid Officer about it. Things can usually be worked around, but it may require the Raid Officers to recruit that specific class/role before you can change. 
    • There is no expectation for you to maintain any alternate characters. However, if bringing alternates when allowed on reclears you MUST meet the ilvl requirements with that character.
  2. Be on time.
    • Pulls start exactly at raid start time. Be there before. 
    • Forming starts 10 minutes before Raid start time. 
    • Constantly being late is disrespectful of your teammate’s time. If a pattern emerges without explanation, the Raid Officers will have to reassess the situation.
  3. Be prepared.
    • Use the sign-ups in Discord
    • Ensure you have the appropriate Gems, Enchants, etc.
    • Review the boss guides on this page for the bosses we will be fighting. 
    • Ensure to meet the ilvl requirement for the boss we are fighting. 
    • Coming unprepared to a raid is disrespectful to your teammate’s time. Doing so will result in being benched. 
  4. Be a good teammate. 
    • Keep comms quiet during progression fights. 
    • Communicate any and all absences ASAP. 
    • After a wipe, get ready to pull again ASAP. 
    • Be prepared to receive, or provide, constructive criticism and feedback. We all have room for improvement. 
    • Be prepared to be benched. It’s not always a bad thing, just a reality of Mythic Raiding. 
    • Focus on what may be improvements while on the bench. 

We look at how well you follow the Raider Priority list below: 

  1. How many times did you wipe the raid or be among the first 1-3 deaths?
  2. Can we count on you to complete any special task you’re given?
  3. How consistent are you as a player? 
  4. Do you respect fellow raiders’ time? 
  5. Do you have a good attitude?

As we have previously mentioned at the beginning of this document, we are a WELCOMING community. We are not here to berate you. We instead want to ensure you succeed so that the team can succeed. In general, reviews of our logs will be conducted weekly. However, performance will be evaluated on an as-needed basis, which means that it may even occur midway through the night. If we find ourselves struggling in particular fights, we’ll begin to evaluate as we see fit.

Tanks Performance

While tank’s performances are easy to evaluate, it is critical to a successful raid night that it is done. If you answer yes to any of these questions, your performance can be improved:

  1. Did I die during the pull to a damage spike?
  2. Did I lose aggro during the pull to a non-tank?
  3. Did my tank partner die during the pull due to a failed taunt-swap?

Healers Performance

Healers performance is crucial to the raid’s health! General healer performance expectations include some of the following: 

  1. Raid stays mostly healthy throughout the fight
  2. Damage spikes are quickly recovered from
  3. Cooldowns are appropriately managed and not stacked with other healer cooldowns unnecessarily
  4. Dispells are quickly taken care of
  5. Uptime is near 100% 

DPS Performance

Unfortunately, there is only 1 metric that accurately depicts a DPS’ performance and that’s the parse %. Parses highlights deaths, mechanic failures, and general rotation issues. As a Mythic Raid Team, we are looking for all of our DPS to be above a 50% parse. If you are consistently below an average of 50%, we will have to work with you on what the issues are. You also have the ability to figure this out before being reached out to, and even fix it or reach out if needed. 

The following list of addons are required to raid with us: 

  1. Boss Countdown Timer, recommended: Bigwigs
  2. Method Raid Tools
    • You must have notes readily available to be received. You may look at this YouTube video for setup if required. 
  3. RCLootCouncil
  4. WeakAuras
  5. Kaze WeakAura
    • In the Custom Options of this WeakAura, ensure that you have “Only Show icons with own name” checked. 

As we are mostly casual, we use Blizzard’s default rolls for distribution of loot. If someone wins a piece and they are convinced by another to trade, that is completely up to the individual player who won the loot. It’s theirs to do with as they wish.

As a Trial with BoB’s Last Hope, you will be thrown into the deep end during your whole trialing period, which will last roughly 3 weeks. You can expect the following: 

  • Barring any class specific needs or major performance issues, you will be raiding and not on the bench for any reclear bosses.
  • You must have all addons and follow all expectations. 
  • Your Performance will be evaluated at each raid following the Performance tab here. 
  • You will not be excluded any loot, but will not be given any priority due to our Loot process and the need for attendance. As you keep showing up, the more priority you will be given. 
  • You must show up to 100% of the trialing period.

At the end of the 3 weeks, you will speak with a Raiding Officer about your experience. You’ll hear our side of how things went and we will want to hear your side of how things went. Typically making it to the 3 week mark means that we believe you are a good fit, and so we will determine at this point whether the full Raider role will be provided. 

The Officer Team is comprised of the following individuals: 

  • Arubicon
    • This individual is the main shotcaller. They will do most of the calls during a raid encounter, or assign individuals specific tasks during an encounter. 
  • Luhruk
    • This individual is the administrator for the team. Luhruk compiles all information and displays it nicely for the team to review. 
  • Taco
    • This individual is the loot officer. Taco forms the raid group and is the individual who divvies out the loot. They create/enforce the loot rules and ensures a fair process during voting. 

Together, the Raid Officers ensure the other requirements to run the team is covered, such as: 

  • Recruitment and the Trail Process;
  • Strategy for the encounter; 
  • Review of individual performance and remediation;
  • Ensuring consumables are available;

As Season 4 of Dragonflight is a wrap up of the last 3 raids, there are no boss guides to follow at this time.