Who We Are

In 2018, Bloodlust or Bust was created to provide a drama free, people focused environment for gamers who wished to play online without the usual antics found in video games these days. We believe that the person behind the keyboard is much more important than the data found on your screen and that everybody should have a chance to play games without fear of being abused or harassed.
The community has a core leadership structure, along with values, objectives and all of the various characteristics one would expect to see in a developed organization that is primed for growth. We will offer you an environment to pursue your interest in gaming with others of a similar mindset.
We have broadened our minds to accept that not all games in the modern MMO and gaming world lend themselves to being totally casual gaming. Our community will survive because it is constantly growing and evolving, it adapts to the world and the ever-changing game industry. Our officers work extremely hard and devote long, personal hours to creating a home for the most casual of the casual and to those who are driven to accomplishment. Your gaming experience is the most important part of the community, and we are striving to build this place for you.