Bloodlust or Bust – Illidan

Our Retail World of Warcraft guild started back in 2018 (use /ginfo for exact date). We flew under a different flag, Spayce Force, with different leadership at that time. As time went on, our Guild grew and eventually we took on the mantle that is Bloodlust or Bust. The Community started within this Guild.

Currently, Bloodlust or Bust is based on the Illidan server and is open to all who wish to join. The Guild offers 2 different Raid teams, a PvP Community that is constantly growing and a space to group together for other content such as Mythic+.

We also offer a Blizzard Community that you can join. Simply click on this invite link.  

Raid Teams

BoB’s Last Hope: This is our Mythic Raiding team. They raid on Wednesday and Thursday at 8:00-11:00pm CST (Realm Time). Their goal is to push through Ahead of the Curve as soon as possible and then casually proceed through Mythic Raiding and get as far as possible by the end of the Tier. For more information, be sure to visit our Raiding Page, or if you’re looking to Apply Now!


Our PvP Community really began taking off near the end of Shadowlands and beginning of Dragonflight. There are usually people running PvP on most evenings, and an Official Rated Battle Ground Night on Saturdays starting at 8:00pm CST (Realm Time).

Social Events

We host sporadic Social Events within World of Warcraft that is open to everyone. Event sign-ups will be posted within the Discord and will be a first-come first-serve if spots are limited for a certain event. 

Leadership Opportunities 

Want to join the leadership team? Want to start your own team? We are constantly evolving and looking for leadership! Simply head over to Apply Now!