From all of us at Bloodlust or Bust, thank you for considering donating. All donations go towards the upkeep of the Community’s functions such as: this website, our Discord bot, giveaways, etc. etc.

     Bloodlust or Bust runs completely on volunteers, and is a non-profit organization. At the end of each year, any additional donations received that is considered a profit over our expenses is donated to a Charity of choice. All Staff and Patreon individuals who donated get to vote in the choice of Charity.

     There are 3 tiers to choose from that provide you with extra benefits if you choose to donate. You can find out more details on our Patreon while donating.

  • Backer

    - Join the private supporter chat - Name displayed above non-supporters - Early access to Staff proposals - Ability to add 5 server emojis.

  • Advocate

    - All previous Tier Benefits - Ability to pick your own name color - Automatic Streaming Role applied which shows above everyone, Ability to have bot mention people when you stream

  • Promoter

    - All previous Tier Benefits - Can participate in exclusive staff giveaways - Ability to create yourself a custom role - Have custom automations created for you in the bot

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